Tomorrow’s Leaders


Reading to Odin.

Reading to Odin.

I write for the people who are going to run our world one day. If I can reach out and touch a young person’s heart with my words, this is my whole reason for my labour of love.

I write to introduce tolerance for others with the entertaining, though off-beat, community in The Magical Town of Up-Beside-Down. Little ones learn to look beyond their world in Night Light. They identify with the fact that, although they may be different, it is that fact that makes them the special ones in Inky Winky Blinky. Window Lullaby brings us the tenderness of a parent rocking a child to sleep by a window. It can be any parent in any country and the feeling is the same. The book unites our world with the commonality of parental love.

The books above are not yet published, but I am working hard on the final stages of design. They are intended for the little ones who still want to be told a bedtime story.

In the mean time, I want to introduce you to Gifts of the Crysnix. This book is targeted at a little older audience. These readers are just beginning to figure out the world and how they will fit into the future. Primarily my focus is on girls aged 9-12. These young women are the mothers of the next generation and our future leaders. What better and more influential market is there?

A piece of a collage.

A piece of a collage.

In Gifts of the Crysnix, I reach out to these beautiful souls and try to teach them to trust their instincts, listen to their hearts and to set themselves up for their best lives to be offered at their feet. I have personified positive intention by creating the Crysnix. It is just a fairy tale but, when read between the lines, it offers so much more. If you really believe in yourself and focus on the steps to map out your best life, there truly is magic that makes your dreams come true. I believe. It has worked for me. I challenge you to try it out!

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