Welcome to the author in me.

Hi and thanks for coming by!

This past year has been a wish come true as I have been travelling and promoting my book, Gifts of the Crysnix. As you may know, the book is about life-altering wishes granted by the Crysnix by the use of quantum physics. It is also about believing in yourself and creating your best life. I feel like I have been living a scene in the book as I have had tremendous success and feel so much joy when I promote it.

I have visited several schools, a women’s conference and bookstores and have enjoyed positive reactions every time. In middle-grade schools, the message from my powerpoint presentation is that you have tremendous power over your future if you fight the fear that holds you back.

I have two more books in the wings. The Presley Books are waiting patiently for me to have time to launch them under my new company, Treaty Island Publishing Ltd. I have to come up for air from my promotions of Gifts of the Crysnix but I promise they will be out very soon!


That voice inside, you know the one, the insistent chatter that keeps you company on a forest walk or asks you to dig deep while watching a full moon rise? That voice in me sometimes comes out on a screen (or on paper), accompanied with pictures and whatever else I can pull together – music, crayons and sparkles – whatever works, to make the magic touch you and become real.

That voice is magical and we all have it inside of us. It is powerful and can change your life for the better or worse, depending on what you want it to say. My choice is to say good things. I believe that we engage spectacular power through the way we think and feel. I also believe we can change our lives through the power of a wish.

The author in me attempts to create worlds where the reader is drawn in and becomes emotionally involved. I want you to love the characters, make new friends and have new heroes. If I can ignite a passion for justice or the will to believe in yourself or introduce tolerance for others or create the possibility for you to fight your fear that holds you back, my work is done.

It’s all good.