My Books

Every so often, at bedtime, I would put a book down and dream up something to tell my kids. The storyline would flow and sometimes, I would scoot off to write them down after quietly closing their bedroom doors. Over the years the number grew and I would take characters from one story and use them in another, just for the fun of it. The stories have stayed with me and now, many years later, I am ready to share them with my grandchildren.

The publishing labyrinth is daunting and it takes perseverance and dedication to wade through the many choices for aspiring authors. I figured I had better take the plunge or else I would leave behind files of typed out pages with different headings, piecemeal pictures, notes on my vision for certain ideas and generally a mess that was the smokescreen for the hidden potential of my legacy.

Under this heading, over time, you will see the titles of my books emerge. The first is Gifts of the Crysnix and there are many more waiting in the wings.

Thanks for stopping by to poke around my website and I encourage you to check out my books. They are the way I reach out and hug the world.

Have a great day. 🙂