Gifts of the Crysnix

Gifts of the Crysnix cover

My first published novel, Gifts of the Crysnix, is ready to fly into your hands. Check it out at the Balboa Press bookstore through the link below.

You can also find it through Amazon online and selected bookstores all over Canada and the US.

Imagine, Avatar crossed with Lord of the Rings and add a dash of quantum physics to make the magic real. Gifts of the Crysnix is set in our present day, crazy-weather-ridden world and the bad guy is responsible for it all. A story about choice and consequence, new heroes wait until a worthy wish is made and then set the forces in motion to make it come true. There are a couple of love stories, a death and near suicide, but the message is loving and clear that we have every chance to live our best lives if we listen to our gut instincts.

The best equation for the life that was meant for us and the very best version of ourselves are waiting. All it takes is the will to believe and a simple wish.

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