The Hungry Monster Review

Oh my goodness!!! What a thrill to open a notice from Google Alerts to find this delightful review! It is the most comprehensive one yet – and still so positive and inspiring.

Thanks to the folks at the Hungry Monster for their time and effort toward reading my book, Gifts of the Crysnix and writing such a lovely account. Hungry Monster reaches out to the following:

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Imagine how my heart swelled when I read:

This novel is filled with so much goodness, it’s difficult to feel a negative thought. Lisa Shore gives plenty of sage-like advice in these pages that I couldn’t help but feel like I was better off after reading it.

Overall, this book was a fantastic read. The plot holds enough meaning to make the lessons learned both insightful and valuable to any reader that pays attention enough to take it to heart. I would love to enter this world again and see how the characters continue to progress!


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The Hungry Monster Book Review

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I am presently working on an author interview with them. I’ll share it soon!

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Story Wraps Review

Many thanks to Marilyn from Story Wraps, for the lovely review. She took the time to find delightful pictures of fairies to add to a well-written insight. You can see the whole review here.

In her debut book Shore has created an enchanting tale of beautiful fairy creatures that live high in the treetops in the forest.  Their world is perfect, their community loving and giving.  They possess the power to bend time and grant wishes of the humans around them who are at a tipping point in their life.  She touches on the power of forgiveness, the beauty of grace and turning fear into strong determination and empowerment.  
It is a story that offers transformation and hope.  It is a story that is emotionally charged and offers heroes that will inspire you.  It is a wonderful book of positive life-lessons that will help you greatly on life’s journey.    
It was a thrill for me to first read this as I thought, “Someone GETS IT!” When you try to create a story with so many twists and turns, so many characters and so many messages to share, it is with great relief that I have evidence that the story works.
Marilyn also delves into my background and the source of the Crysnix. Not many people know that the idea of the  Crysnix began with Pitter and Patter, who went out in the rain and danced on the roofs of their nearby neighbours. Someday, I will have to share that story too.
Thanks again, Marilyn!