every WOMAN


A weekend like the every WOMAN Conference in Whistler is an event that silently draws us in with three days of introspection and nurturing our bodies and souls. Once it is over it becomes a memory of drawing us out as we revel in new friendships made and new attitudes and perspectives on life.

I was so fortunate to be a part of the weekend as a presenter and participant. I lead the workshop, “Chart Your Best Life”, and was only a small cog in a wheel of presentations that mirrored and strengthened my message of believing in yourself to create your most inspired life.



Women from all over joined us and our jaws were sore from smiling all day – from the early morning yoga, through the day’s activities and on to the wine on the deck of Nita Lake Lodge. What a beautiful setting! There were too many fabulous workshops to choose from and I couldn’t be in two places at the same time. Hmm … skiing or mountain biking, yoga outside or an inspirational workshop inside???

The choices offered were both diverse and targeted, depending what you wanted to get out of the weekend. I personally wanted to push myself beyond my comfort level and not only mastered the SUP but DID YOGA on one!!! Holy crap, I was scared of winding up soaking wet for my presentation. But I did it!

I had so much fun I barely had time to sell my book Gifts of the Crysnix at the marketplace. My presentation took some of the life lessons from the book and suggested the steps to take to reach your full potential. Much like charting out a trip, we discussed where you

IMG_1932want to go and how to get there. As always, I loved sharing the message of my book at the marketplace too and was delighted to have some of my new friends take it home with them.

It is fantastic how my book continues to give gifts to me. I could never have imagined how satisfying it would be to promote the message of believing in yourself as a public speaker. I am looking forward to the 2017 every WOMAN Conference next year and the many engagements to come.

Have a look at their site here .

In the meantime, I am preparing for my school appearances and big launch coming up in Winnipeg! It just gets better and better …