A Night Under the Stars

It was a warm evening, the thunderstorms of late, a mere hint of humidity in the air. “The air feels friendly on my face.” The sunset streaked the sky with ribbons of pink and set the scene … “A wisp of magic fill this space.” It was the perfect night for my launch of Mother Nature’s Kiss.

FireRock Country Club has an event lawn that was made for this event. Strings of lights accompanied the clear starry night and the feel of grass underfoot connected us to Mother Nature in the most visceral way. Flutes of sparkling Prosecco and star cookies iced to match the book were in hand to add to the sweetness of the night.

My friend, Vicki O’Connor, warmly introduced me. As an artist, she is all too familiar with the feeling of putting yourself out there when you create something so dear to your heart. It was a lovely beginning to a very special night. Have a peek at Vicki’s art here.

I welcomed friends, acquaintances and young ones to settle in as I spoke about the story behind the story. Instead of reading the book, I recited it to the magical music of Tracey Chattaway’s “Light the Night”. You can listen to it here.

It was a magical evening and an excerpt from the introduction describes my feelings perfectly. I wanted to share it as a common love for a warm summer evening. The idea of Mother Nature is one of universal and perfect love. It crosses borders, culture and time. May we be reminded that with every shooting star and every warm breeze, Mother Nature is reaching out to all of us.

For me, it was a night meant to share. I was thrilled that so many people came out and bought multiple books for many little loved ones. It is a story about letting your imagination soar into the night sky. The evening was all I had hoped for and more. I sold out in four days!

Let me end with the words of one of the most talented and creative men in history, Walt Disney.

I want to thank all who came and shared the evening with me. The next launch will be in Winnipeg, June 12th, at McNally Robinson, Grant Park. I look forward to seeing many of you there.