Mother Nature’s Kiss

An Interesting twinkle light has caught my sleepy eye tonight…


I am working on a new book about falling asleep at the cottage on a warm summer night. It is going to be called Mother Nature’s Kiss and is based on a true event. One night, many years ago, I lay awake at my cottage trying to figure out what was the cause for a bright light that beckoned from way down the lake. I was sure it was never there before. The words for a poem came to me and stayed and then beckoned me to write this dreamy book.

I am using the view in the story based on the view from my cottage and I have to say, it’s pretty fun and special to be painting that beloved landscape again and again as the story progresses.

My Mom painted the painting on the right 55 years ago and it hangs in my bedroom. Looking out has always been calming and beautiful in any weather, any season and now in my memory.

The story goes on to wonder, through each verse, what the light could be and the musings get farther and farther away…

More souls in the universe and one turns to the sky…


…Until we realize that it is…

Mother Nature winking as she blows a kiss good night…










The process of designing a new book is always much harder for me than actually writing it. This poem has been with me for a long time and now I have to go through the process of working with a publisher and the parameters of creating the layouts and illustrations. All a fun and exciting creative challenge!





And it can get messy at times!! 🙂




This poem was called Night Light until I added two more verses that described how Mother Nature’s kiss felt as well as how it looked. I shared it on Scriggler and was amazed at the positive response. To date, 2087 people have read it and loved it (with 100% approval rating!)

I will let you know when Mother Nature’s Kiss is published. Until then, enjoy the view of your life. xox

9 thoughts on “Mother Nature’s Kiss

  1. Being at the cottage is magical – not only when you are there, but when you look at those pictures or find yourself in a similar landscape. As I read your post, I am reminded of the view from our family cottage window, and all the wonderful memories it evokes. Good luck with the book, Lisa.


  2. Congratulations Lisa! I can hardly wait to read this book! I remember that view from your cottage too…how beautiful!


  3. Lisa, this dreamy book will be on each cottage bookshelf from Canada to every lake country in the states❤️ Your words and images will draw us in and sweetly lull us to sleep. Thank you for following your dream of this book!!! LOVE the new title❤️❌⭕️‼️

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  4. Wow Lisa…this is SO special…your talent in writing and adding your artistry to it…soooo very special!

    XOXO Jan



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