Story Monsters Ink Review

“Great reads for growing minds” in the subtitle of this thick, high-quality magazine, “Story Monsters Ink”. I was so pleased to see the end result of an ad I placed there. They created the ad for me and I think it turned out great!


Below is the review they gave me. It’s always such a treat to see that people have enjoyed the book and have something original to say about it.

Story Monsters Ink Review

April 2016

Beautiful creatures from a parallel universe watch over the humans in a small seaside town. A breathtaking new world-so perfect, so enchanting that we want to believe-unfolds as we witness the journey of new friends, who lead us toward our own personal triumphs. They have harnessed the power to bend time and grant wishes. “Elixir will do just fine,” Marsuveus said with conviction. “He doesn’t know it yet but he has tremendous power behind him. He is fulfilling his destiny.” At that moment, the storm hit full force, and the animals and Crysnix cowered for cover. The hurricane whipped and tore at Galvin Cove and shredded the young trees of Castle Forest. It seemed it was only a matter of time before the Dark Prince Onyx would win. The king flew above them all on the back of Marsuveus and shouted to the expectant faces below. “Take heart! Remember our strategy! Fight the fear! Fight the fear!” All it takes is the will to believe.

“Gifts of the Crysnix” is a wonderfully entertaining and original story that will have for young readers an immense appeal to their imagination and sense of wonder. Very highly recommended for school and community library fantasy collections, it should be noted for personal reading lists that “Gifts of the Crysnix” is also available in a paperback edition (9781504339650, $16.99) and in a Kindle format ($4.99).

I really appreciate the line, “Very highly recommended for school and community library fantasy collections…”

The people at FiveStar Publications, who produce the magazine, were really nice to work with and I was surprised at the quality of the magazine when a complimentary copy arrived at my door. Cristy Bertini, the Editor-In-Chief was just a phone call or email away and she came across in a very friendly way. So nice to be dealing with people one-on-one and not feeling intimidated.

Thanks again to all the folks at “Story Monsters Ink”!!