Owl’s Nest Books “A Taste of Local Authors”

There is something special about being surrounded by authors and book lovers. We are a different breed. We all know how much time we spend alone, either in front of the computer working or in a comfortable chair reading, and when we come together there is an appreciation for camaraderie. Owl’s Nest book store was the perfect venue for an intimate evening of nine readings. Each was outstanding and entertaining. A glimpse into different worlds through the voice of the author who dreamed them up.

We had wine and nibbles (check out the purple sparkly cupcakes and “C” cookies, courtesy of you-know-who)


and were entertained by live music by Ted and Paul Holmes between “sets”. I had a couple of friends join me and we waited (nervously) for my name to be called. Finally, I was the finale! I wanted to read to music as a lot of my book was written to music as a screenplay in its first incarnation. I had found the perfect music from the WALL-E soundtrack. It is dreamy and beautiful and was the perfect background for my Prologue. Below is the You Tube clip from the movie, Wall-E where the music comes from.

I had tech difficulties with adding the video of me reading to the music. Maybe I’ll figure out how to upload it and will post it another time. In the mean time, if you have the book, read the prologue to this music and feel the magic. 🙂

Thanks to Randy McCharles for bringing us all together at Owl’s Nest Books for a great night!