A Peek at a Night Light

I wrote a bedtime story years ago after I was kept up one night by a bright light in the distance through my window at the lake. It was one of those times when a poem came to me and wouldn’t let go. I actually made it up as I was trying to fall asleep and, miraculously, it was still with me the next day. My family drove the two hours home from a busy weekend and as I tried to fall asleep again that Sunday night, I finally got up and wrote it down in one hour flat. Done.

It was a sleepy tale that drew you from your warm bed far and farther away into the universe and ended with a sweet surprise. Although I loved it, I tucked it into the back of my mind where it collected dust for years.

Recently, I ran across a website for writers, Scriggler,  that was calling for submissions – chapters, poetry, short stories – whatever. On a whim, I sent in Night Light and was amazed at the response I got!

Over 390 people read it within hours of me posting it and then many shared and tweeted it out to the world! Social media can be astounding! Thank you to all who felt touched enough to finally do what I never did.

I’d love to share it through Scriggler with you now.

Night Light Lake view

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  1. Hi! This is my favourite thing you’ve written so far. Loved it!!! Tweeted it and posted it on LinkedIn. xox #soproud



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