Denver Book Launch

Last week, I had a fantastic launch in the Denver Barnes and Noble Bookstore on Colorado Blvd. It was such a positive experience! The people at the store were so welcoming and it was truly a lovely store to work in! They set me up at the front and I was able to welcome customers as they walked in and as they lined up at the cash registers.

There was a coloring event being held at the store as well so, the night before, I drew a line drawing of the cover  and handed out copies. They were a great marketing tool and I will keep them for future events.

It was so special to meet my readers and to talk about the book. I had people of all ages buying it and I loved how it appealed to one woman’s husband (who loves fairies!), another woman’s daughter (who is writing a book about fairies) and the wonderful young ladies who are at the age where, they may or may not believe in fairies, but they are certainly ready to believe in themselves!

My family and friends were so supportive. I want to thank them for all the congratulations and good wishes. I came home to a real celebration with a wonderful dinner waiting complete with a “Fairy Forest Cake”!

Thank you, thank you for making my Denver launch so special! I can’t wait to do it all again in Calgary, coming up soon, and all the other launch cities in the next few months.

Come and see me at Self Connections Book Store on Saturday, December 5th from 1 – 4 or log in for the webcast!

More info to follow.


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  2. You are amazing, Miss Lisa!! I LOVE your line drawing of the cover, and can’t wait to color one myself! Can’t wait for your book launch here in Arizona🌵🌼😘 Keep shining❤️‼️


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